Just sharing my experience here.

Just sharing my experience here. I do NOT have a machine to connect to it yet but this is just to look at the interface while I wait for the Cohesion3D controller.

Installing LW3 on Windows10 (Ultimate) and I had to do some debugging because it was failing. First attempt was using the npm method. This fails at the end saying it can not find ‘package.json’. I suspect it may be because my folder contains spaces and a period, but I didn’t test this further.

After deleting that attempted install, I switched to the git clone method. Cloning went fine, however the npm install failed at the end with the serialport package. Looking at the error log, I noticed the serialport package installed is version 2.1.2 while the documentation specifies version 4.0.6.

After a forced ‘npm install serialport’ which then upgraded it to 4.0.6, things seems to work, I can launch LW and load it in a browser. Great.

Moving on to playing and familiarizing myself with the interface.