Just saw this on AliExpress.

Just saw this on AliExpress. Looks like a good deal for the money ($285+free s/h to USA!), and it is an Ultimaker-ish style gantry design similar to Eustathios. Thoughts?

Even if not super mechanically, it might make a good base for a smaller unit. It seems to include the hotend and ramps/motor drivers.

Yeah looks like it might be a cheap way to get a frame and rods. I have a dislike of the cantilevered Z stage, but that could be fixed. The horizontal rod holders look a lot like the Euth ones. 46 sold and five 5 star “reviews”, someone on the internet must have one?

@Bruce_Lunde What is mechanically wrong with it? It looks pretty good to me.

@Chris_Brent The cantilevered Z stage has been used successfully in many 3D printers (e.g the Ultimaker), so I’m fine with that.

Fair enough, you just need to do it “right” I guess. Most of my biases come from my old Makerbot which did a lot “wrong” :stuck_out_tongue: The comments mention the Z has a lot of backlash, but that’s due to the lead screws not the cantilever. When the platform is that big, why not support both sides though?

This looks like an absolutely amazing deal.

@SirGeekALot Sorry, I did not mean to infer there was anything wrong with it, I was surmising if you bought it and if it was not super solid, it would be a good start…

@Chris_Brent I agree that support on both sides would be better, but I think this may be more than adequate.

@Bruce_Lunde No apology necessary! I was just worried you had spotted some flaw I didn’t see. I don’t really even need this, but it I’ve wanted to build an aluminum extrusion based Ultimaker style gantry 3D printer for quite some time, which is why I’ve been lurking in this (awesome) group.

Great deal if it is built well. No heated bed, but they have an add-on for $10. Power supply is small, so the heated bed requires an additional power supply. It has no cross supports up top, and this style gantry does benefit from additional bracing up there. But that’s just a few pieces of extrusion and some angle brackets to add. Also I agree I am not a huge fan of cantilevered beds. But since it is smaller than a Eustathios it might be OK. I think it could be a good deal, but then again to me it really depends on the quality of the parts. Some of the Chinese electronics are just fine… while others are a fire just waiting to happen. If anyone gets one let us know what you think.

great deal= thanks for sharing it - the heated bed I would just buy from alirubber and use a 120V relay. The one they provide is an MK2b 12/24.

I just pulled the trigger on it. Seems too good to pass up, and I’m tired of hearing myself complain that I wanted this style of printer but keep running into “not enough time to get all of the parts together”. Fingers crossed hoping that it is as good as it looks.

I will be interested in how it turns out, keep us posted!

I like it, I’m partial to this design, and darned it, my IGUS printer is down…don’t need three printers, though.But man that’s cheap.

If I wasn’t still in the tinkering with my delta stage then I’d been onto this too! (Plus explaining to my wife why we need a third printer might be a stretch :slight_smile: Please let us know how it goes.

@Nathan_Walkner I sure hope not, because I ordered one. But, if so, they can expect a credit card dispute from Capital One, the bank for the Visa card I used to buy it. Conversely, if it arrives intact and as advertised, I will post a nice comment, because good behavior should be rewarded, too.

I’m interested in hearing more details- it looks like they use a threaded rod for the Z axis- they didn’t bother with 2 upper brackets but it would be nice to attach a spool holder on it. I wonder what the extruder is.

@Ted_Huntington Yeah, the extruder is a bit of a wild card, but I knew that before I paid for it (parts list just says, “nozzle”). I suspect it will be a cheap j-head, but as long as it works that’s ok with me. I do not expect champagne for the price of beer. Also, I have an unopened E3D v6 I can throw in it, perhaps converting to a dual-extruder. If it is really bad, I also have a spare Ubis hot end. So basically, a dual extruder upgrade is highly likely. :slight_smile:

@SirGeekALot I am referring to the cold part of the extruder- the part that moves the filament- I usually call the hot part the “hot end”- but this is a common confusion - sorry about that- but the hot end- I know I will be charged with heresy for this, but I find the E3D V6 clone parts to be good enough for basic printing- I use the ptfe throat because I mostly print with PLA- but I find assembling them myself is a better solution than buying them already assembled.