Just registered theglobalprintday.com Thinking of Global print day that is a 24 hour period

Just registered http://theglobalprintday.com
Thinking of Global print day that is a 24 hour period where makers, designers, and Tinkers will join forces and collectively 3d print the same object around the world to bring awareness of the rising distributed Power of 3d printing and the positive effects it could have on economies and education. User will submit ideas, the community will vote and the winners model will be printed 999999 times around the world. Each user is encouraged to upload a photo of their print once complete.


I would love something like this, but in contest format. Some broad range of rules regarding something that could be submitted, a prize, and then allow that to drive the creation of new wonderful objects.

Like the simple rule: Something 3D printed that flies. Limit 2 motors. Winner gets some cash or…w/e.

Or design a monitor-monster (something that sits on top of your monitor to greet you during the day)

Or create something that traverses the floor, etc.

I think @ThantiK 's idea would work better. 5,000 sporks or whatever wouldn’t be particularly impressive. 100 different machinations all completing the same task in different ways all designed and prototyped in 24 hours would be astonishing.

I love the monitor monster idea! Perhaps give everyone a simple/template model to start with, then challenge them to tweak it to their taste and then print it out.

  1. Link does not work for me.
  2. I can’t compete, I haven’t got my Makibox yet… can you guys wait a few weeks?

@Gabriel_Petrut thinking ill put up a site this week, and try to generate some more feedback. This idea is only about 6 hours old at this point, but I wanted to get everyone in this community to help guide where this goes.