Just received my 3030 (80/20)rail that I intend to use as the gantry.

Just received my 3030 (80/20)rail that I intend to use as the gantry. I received my 2 1030 (80/20) rails earlier last week. I feel kinda “out over my skis” on this one.” However, I felt pretty much the same on the last one. Also got my NEMA 34 last week (standing next to NEMA 17), as well as a NEMA 23 with gearbox. Some pillow block linear rails are on order with lead screw/ballscrew and bearing mounts. I’m wondering if I should make some mock up designs of the plates that I will later either cut or have cut before making a quick decision. It’s obvious the gantry will be pretty heavy. The question will be how heavy is too heavy.

I like that rail. It should have good torsional rigidity.

Yes, I think so. I’ve seen a lot of designs using it on their machine. I actually just ordered another one (45”, I think) for the build. I may reduce my x-axis length to 750 mm, whereas initially I was thinking 1000. I could use 2 beams instead of 1, but my concern was the weight.

No such thing as too heavy. My gantry is 200x200 steel rhs. About 80kg. Weight dampens vibration. Your motors are bigger than what I run.

That is good to know. Thanks

That being the case, I could double up the rails and/or put some box tubing between them.