Just ran into this problem as well.

(Ted Ellison) #1

Just ran into this problem as well. Any news on when a fix will be made?


Originally shared by Dennis Espinosa

Hi Everyone! My chilippepr + tinyg setup just bump into a minor problem. It is working fine projects after projects, actually its working great now, the only problem is when i click the “configure tinyg settings” button i dont get to see the pop up settings bar where i could change some settings. What i get is a “edit in jsfiddle” shortcut bar in which when i click it, it goes to the jsfiddle code or something. I am not familiar with coding and stuff so it puzzles me. I will include some screencaps for you to check. What i need is the pop up settings bar to be back and its all fine.

Thank you.


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That is a question for the ChiliPeppr group


Sorry. This is a known problem and it’s just been hard to get time to do a fix.