Just published Mitch Bradley 's IJK absolute arc code.

Just published @Mitch_Bradley 's IJK absolute arc code. This also fixes a precision problem which should render G2/G3 arcs better in edge cases where you might get a whacked out arc that wouldn’t represent how your CNC controller would interpret the arc. Thank you Mitch for the awesome work here.

Hey John, you don’t happen to have a dxf copy of that laser mount that you made on YouTube using fusion with that piece of acrylic do you? Also I was wondering which type of bit you used to make it with. I’ve been meaning to use the miniature laser I purchased the few months back, but I haven’t had the opportunity to make The machine yet. I’m trying to build a small jewelry box for my mother for her birthday and I was going to use A different piece of wood on each side of the box and write A little excerpt about each wood and where it originates. I think I will only be able to get that amount of information on each side with that small laser that I bought. I was going to attach it to my 3020 like you have it.

Here you go. https://gallery.autodesk.com/fusion360/projects/103188/laser-heatsink-holder-for-diode-laser

And of course the video you’re referring to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km9ghwo39bM&t=2s

The tool I used to mill is in the Youtube video description. 1/16" Kyocera Tools end mill bought on ebay at drillman1’s shop

I appreciate it John. I feel like I’m doing about 25 things at one time. In a huge learning curve to use and understand all the machines and things I’d like to do. But it’s fun and educational. And much less expensive than I thought. All my stuff is at a local makerspace co-owned by a friend, where I have a small membership. I get a bit of a discount since I intend to let them use my machines when they’re all up and running. I couldn’t store all that at my house anyway. I still have had limited time to use the Prusa i3 mk2 I bought earlier in the year since I’ve been continually building/assembling the machines and having to learn all the software programs, not to mention all the terminology and jargon in each field. This week I’ve had to build a waste board for my large machine and I was trying to figure out how to cut the grooves in it until I asked a worker at the shop who mentioned the dado blades for the table saw, and I immediately knew that was what I needed because I vaguely remember the term used by a YouTube vlog person who mentioned the word in passing and I had no idea what he was talking about. Well, I learned to use that assembly this week. With all the electronics, mechanics wood working and machining I’ve had a crash course in everything, but I hope all this will be useful rather than a novel obsession when I’m done. Now, I’ve got to download and learn a software program that will work with that mini laser. I’m not even sure what it can do, but if I can get it to write a brief summary that is legible about each type of wood I’m using, it will be easier to do than engraving all that. BTW, along with all that learning, I’ve also had a crash course in all types of different woods, plastics and some metals…crazy.

With all the videos on YouTube, I doubt you know who he is, but I was pretty impressed with some kid named Jeremy Schmidt. He’s pretty meticulous and excellent at communicating his understanding of mechanics. I used some of his ideas on my open builds CNC. I’ve known for a while I’m going to have to change over my belt driven system to an all lead screw system, but I just haven’t had the time. I’ve also seen some rack and pinion systems, but less detailed explanations about assembling them. I also now have a desire (in the future) to buy one of those Mills (like a precision Matthews) and convert it over to a CNC, like another YouTuber has done. But that may not get done…at least any time soon. Thanks for all the help. Tomorrow will be another day immersed in trying to learn Fusion.

I just ordered some of those bits from drillman1 yesterday. I went ahead and carved out one side of the jewelry box. I’m too impatient.

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