Just published a the very first episode of a brand new show about  

Just published a the very first episode of a brand new show about #3dprinting MeGusta3D, please enjoy and share! :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T176foDt96Y

Funny and almost informative… :slight_smile: Perhaps one less beer before filming? Or just rename it to “My Drunk 3D Printer”? :slight_smile:

@Steve_B_Thomas_delbr Thanks for your comment, we will try to make the next episodes more informative. Just to clarify the starring guest wasn’t under influence :wink:

Ah, RoBo 3D naked… :slight_smile:

Funny :slight_smile:

i guess she’s inhaled to much of the acetone :stuck_out_tongue:

to much :slight_smile:

Script. You need a script. The flash-cuts should be used as an accent, or embellishment, not every 10 seconds for the whole 5 minute clip.

You also missed several pretty important reasons for adhesion issues: Under extrusion, head height, and temperature…under extrude and there won’t be enough plastic flow to create a good bon, if the nozzle is too close to the bed, it’ll prevent the plastic from extruding…until there’s just enough gap for a large blowout of plastic…which will then catch the nozzle on the next pass, messing up the calibration…and it frequently helps to run the first layer a little hotter (5C) than the subsequent layers.

Ass - eh - tōne (apologies if it’s a language/accent thing, we’re a global community)

Then sum up…you have to repeat something to get it to stick.

I was entertained, and it communicated the information effectively.