Just printed the first time with     Filament.

(René Jurack) #1

Just printed the first time with #verbatim #abs Filament. I am blown away! Printed the #Benchy at 80mm/s (120mm/s infill) with no warping at all, even the bow did not bend up . I had no cooling, 0.2mm layer, 240°C Hotend, 110°C/90°C Heated bed.
Man, i printed several Benchies in ABS, but this is my all time best!
I encourage you, try out #verbatim

(Jos van der Plas) #2

That’s a good result particularly at that speed! What printer?

(René Jurack) #3

@Jos_van_der_Plas its a custom CoreXY like a sparkcube

(Step Cia) #4

Will sure to check out verbatim for my next roind of purchase so far have always stick with hatchbox only

(Adam Steinmark) #5

What’s up with the odd bulge at the top? Also your last perimeter layer on the box seems to not be connected.

(René Jurack) #6

@Adam_Steinmark The bulge at the top comes from the hotend staying all the time above the same spot and the filament cant cool down. You can’t compare PLA prints with ABS ones. There is clearly room to become better, but at the speed and no cooling, I am satisfied with the result.