Just ordered a GRBL controller to do some testing with,

Just ordered a GRBL controller to do some testing with, now I can test Smoothieboard, Ramps 1.4 with all flavors of Marlin, and with this order, GRBL. Just need to find a TinyG controller and all the controllers will be covered. Should have all the parts for a motion control test rig in the next couple of weeks, so I think I have all the testing needs covered.

Is there a tutorial on how to wire up using tinyg? I know it has pwm on board but how does it send the fire command to the power supply?

Not sure how to do it, I need to research it.

@funinthefalls ​ I can send you a spare grbl shield, if you want.

As a first time test I connected Arduino Uno with grbl 0.9 flashed onto the board to LaserWeb2 and can send g-code, but XYZ coordinates are all time 0,0,0 and nothing happens in preview window. Are there any specific arrangements needed for LaserWeb2 and grbl?

Thanks for the offer @sszafran ,. but I already ordered one. Not sure what is going on with Grbl and LaserWeb2, that is why I have ordered all the different controllers, so I can do some testing to resolve any issues. A test rig is also being built to connect all the controllers to, what I could use is a laser diode, if anyone has a spare kicking around.

I know LaserWeb is creating the Gcode properly for all controllers, I think Peter is still working on the serial send/recieve for some of them, that is probably the issue with Grbl right now.

@Alex_Krause @funinthefalls I have the TinyG operating my laser well. I bought a kit from JTechphotonics that came with a laser driver and a spot for PWM input. I split the PWM signal from TinyG to run my spindle and laser. I just have a switch where I can turn off the spindle when not in use. The laser driver came with a switch built in so I just toggle switches when I need the spindle or the laser. I’ve been able to set up Gcode and program the laser as a tool so I can laser something than have a tool change and turn the laser off put in an end mill and start milling all in the same file. The only real problem I’ve had so far is that for some reason I can’t get the PWM signal completely off in laser mode. An M3S0 code will dim the laser substantially but it is still strong enough to burn. Maybe I don’t have something set up correctly in the TinyG file? I also have not yet tried to laser engrave a picture with shading, some grbl codes will stop movement evertime an sxx code is input. This really slows down an engraving. JTechphotonics has there own version of grbl that supposedly fixes that problem. Haven’t tried Peters code yet, I have an Arduino and shield ready to test just haven’t got around to it. Prefer to use my TinyG if possible.