Just ordered a bunch of parts from HobbyKing.

Just ordered a bunch of parts from HobbyKing. Shocks, CVDs, Motor, ESC, Servo and a receiver. Now I just have to wait, impatiently.

1x #9192000061/25138 Turnigy TrackStar Waterproof 1/10 Brushless Power System 4000KV/80A = $52.28

2x #157000005/22499 1/10 Model Car 100mm Adjustable Aluminum Shock Absorber (2pc Blue) = $8.98

2x #382000124/27514 Front CVD - 1/10 Quanum Vandal 4WD Racing Buggy (2pcs) = $13.30

1x #V8FR-HV/14350 FrSky V8FR-II 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver (HV) = $18.77

1x #BMS-620MG/8776 BMS-620MG High Torque Servo (Metal Gear) 9.1kg / .15sec / 50g = $13.13

Thanks for posting your shopping list!

Hopefully it helps other people when they are trying to build one. It would be cool if we could build a gallery of peoples cars and list specs. Then people could see what other people are using. Not sure how to share that easily though.

Thanks for the info. Very Helpful. Is this all the parts needed to build one? Apart from 3d printed parts and reciever, battery.


No this is not all the parts. I have a receiver listed above and plan to use my FrSky Radio. This is overkill for the car, but I figured I would use the same radio as I use for my quadcopter.

You will still need a battery, bearings, several dowel pins, and several screws. You will also need tires, unless you have the means to print those. I am just gonna try and use some tires from my old RC truck. I am working on a bill of materials that lists everything for the truggy, quantities, if it is printed or not, possible supplier and estimate of cost. Should be done in a few days and I will post it.

13 days and hobbyking has not shipped my stuff. If any one item is back ordered they wont ship anything. ugh

After almost a month, my order would not ship because the CVDs were backordered with no expected day of new supply. After calling 3 times, and finally talking to someone I got them to find put a little different CVDs on the order. Who knows if they will fit. But now I just have to wait 6-30 days for it to be delivered. I now hate hobbyking with every bone in my body.

I have seen things on there that are back order, but other identical items in stock. Its like they forget to remove things from their system.

Three days later and my order is now on hold. This is freaking ridiculous.