Just noticed a local sale for someone's printrbot simple 2014 includes a "belt upgrade

Just noticed a local sale for someone’s printrbot simple 2014 includes a "belt upgrade on both the y and x axis. "

So… Is it with picking up for $200? I don’t know what iterations have been done since. It would be a second printer for me and my first printrbot. I currently have a duplicator 4s.

I know it’s a smaller printer, but what other limits or short comings does it have? (it looks like it’s made of laser cut wood) Thanks!

I’m not fond of the wood version, but for that price you get a lot. The belt upgrade means that the fishing line has been replaced with belts.

The wood is a risk, if it gets wet or just from ambient humidity it can be ruined. It needs to be completely disassembled and sealed to protect it, or risk running it as-is.
You might have a hard time finding replacement parts, it seems printrbot no longer support their older versions.

Not a whole lot of upside for $200. That was my first printer and I was forced to learn a lot from it. With that said I don’t recommend it.

I’m amazed to meet people who love their old Printrbot . I really try to provide upgrade paths when bringing out new models, do they can enjoy a long life. But I don’t recommend it either- just because our bots are so much better now. It does have value for parts but our starter kit is a good price if you are wanting to build your own design ($200) and the play is $400 and is really nice fully assembled. I wouldn’t discourage anyone from buying one of our metal models with an “auto level” sensor second hand though.

I started with a wooden PB Maker myself a few years back; it’s a perfectly serviceable machine (and good to see it has had proper belts installed), but definitely leaves a lot to be desired compared to newer printers (PrintrBot or otherwise).

As you’ve already got a feature complete printer at home, I’d think the wooden PB would seem archaic in comparison.

Thanx everyone! I appreciate the feedback. It does have 4 rolls of filament with it one being nylon. I’m think I’m still tempted just for parts and the filament, lol

At $200 I’d probably still buy it for parts, even if it was just to part it out and sell the components on eBay.

Between 4 rolls of filament and selling some of the parts, you’ll easily make/save the $200.

Given that the printrboard is only like $60, and motors can be had for $15/ea; I’d probably pass – You wouldn’t be using much else from that machine as a donor. The nylon filament…depending on how old it is, may have a lot of moisture absorbed and not print very well without some baking.

Look at the new Printrbot starter kit. It’s brand new components for the same price. The only difference is that you don’t get the wood panels.

@Stephen_Shimatzki@Brook_Drumm ​ I have a PB simple 1405, and I love it, mine developed a few quirks, but I managed to do a makeshift solution that works quite well, I have tuned in my settings and get amazing prints, and am now using it to print parts for my starter kit (thanks Brook).
I would get the starter kit, and print parts using your printer.

I have had a @Printrbot Simple Maker now what 3 years now I think. Used to be the sand and fish line model that I modded to belts, larger print bed and induction probe.

I LOVE the little thing. Works very well !

Highly recommend it for the price and building it yourself make you understand how the thing works and helps you troubleshooting.

Well, I missed out by an hour or two buying this printer off of craigslist. (actually, my email was ignored till I texted or I would of gotten it.) The price was right, I should of just snagged it without hesitation. @Brook_Drumm the real advantage for me on a used PrintrBot would of been a cash transaction and the wife would of not been wiser to my hobby expansion in the shop. :wink: I DO like your Frankenbot kit, but HAVING a printer and BUILDING a printer are two different things. I can take one apart and fix it and modify it but to build from scratch seems a bit daunting to me.

I hear you. A couple community members are collaborating on a new design that will be a great starting point for the starter kit… I may make it s product for that niche… It has a different set of goals for sure