Just my Luck. So with 1st layer adherence issues I popped to the hardware

Just my Luck.

So with 1st layer adherence issues I popped to the hardware store on Sunday and got some blue tape.
Freaking wonderful stuff, it was like having a completely different printer, one caveat though, 0 adherence below 200C.@200C though, it’s like superglue.
I manage to print a few small item perfectly, best experience I’ve had with my printer.

So then comes last night, got home, did some stuff, turned on the printer, connected PC, repitier-host would not connect.
Press the connect button, it’s shows connecting for about 0.5sec then disconnected.
Pronterface just sits there displaying connecting and goes no-where.

The main-board seems to power up OK, the PC loads up the serial driver fine and says it working, but I get no response.

Multiple resets & power cycles, checked everything connected correctly, no funny cooked electronics smell. * shrug *

Help, because I know 3DStuffmaker wont.

I’d start with disconnecting everything except USB. If it connects, keep connecting stuff until it breaks.

True about the blue tape. Cleaning the tape with alcohol, acetone or fingernail polish remover before every print is magic.

Thanks @matthew_bennett I was using a laptop which has nothing but the printer connected to it.

the arduino connects/talks via a com port FTDI … ur laptop maybe talking on 3 … ur arduino maybe listening on 4

the com port FTDI is on board the arduino btw. there r setting i believe in the interface to select baud rate or com port?

interface i meant the GUI pronterface.

@3roomlab FTDI com port is Com6, been working on that the whole time, drivers all loaded fine, as stated working fine the night before with no changes made to the laptop or the printer.

pronterface & repitier-host set to Com6, no changes made to software either form the night before.

Check device manager to be sure that the com port shows up.

@Stephanie_A All there an loading fine (as above) when I connect the USB cable.