Just like to say hi to all your fine folks.

Just like to say hi to all your fine folks. I’ve got my prusa mk2s kit on order and can’t wait to get into this world of 3d printing. Having been a cad designer for 15+ years this will be a great way to see if designs work in the real world. Sure i will have lots of noobs questions though.

Hey welcome to the community!

Welcome. Questions are always welcome.

Hey! Welcome! I’m new hear as well. I’ve had my 3d printer for about 3 weeks. It has been quite the learning experience and the guys here have been very helpful! I’ve been designing for about a year and a half at my current job and can take home my computer whenever I want to design stuff. Having access to that really opens things up because you can pretty much make whatever comes to your mind as long as it fits on your printer. If you can even get the damn thing to work in the first place. Lol. Good luck! And don’t get too frustrated. I printed off my first halfway decent part today. It took forever and still wasn’t perfect.