Just joined, ello

Just joined today. I have a growing interest in making and duckduckgo sent me here so I will introduce myself.

Professionally I work in the cybersecurity field for the government. Specifically, I manage our proxy, relevant a/v scanners, vulnerability scanner, and deep packet inspection.

Personally I have a large set of hobbies. FIrst, and foremost, I’m a private pilot and enjoy flying my plane Miss Thang on day trips. Otherwise, I have a wide variety of interests crossing many disciplines. It’s a curse.

Most recently, I’ve gained an interest in watchmaking. So I’m gathering tools for that and, specifiaclly, my interests are confined to mechanical and, to a lesser degree, automatic watches. In short, nothing requiring batteries.

Other than my full time job, I enjoy cooking so I’m in the kitchen most evenings. I also workout 5-6 days a week. My time is limited, in short. On top of everything, I’m engaged and have growing lists of honeydo’s mostly house related. On quiet nights I enjoy smoking cigars and sipping on fine scotch (islay region specifically).

And now I have a growing interest in making. I’d like to build a desk am/fm radio for my office with bluetooth and wired headphones and an inbuilt antenna (if possible). My office blocks alot of signals and it would be a fun project to start with.

Making will include making replacement parts for watches (once i obtain a watchmaker’s lathe).

I also have a growing interest in 3d printing, which is included in making. So I’m rambling.

I hope to make friends here. Cheers.

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Like many of us here, a hobby of collecting hobbies.

What’s Miss Thang? I’m PPSEL/Instrument, but not current.


Miss thang is my plane’s name

Got that part. Just curious what kind. Most of my time is in various cherokees.

Bellanca Super viking. 1974 IO520. My profile pic is me posing with my girl.


Welcome. Glad to have you here :smiley:

Flying has always been a dream of mine. I envy you for that. :slight_smile:

@HalfNormal just posted about a cheap bluetooth car stereo that might make a good basis for your desk radio build. Cheap Bluetooth stereo for projects

Thanks for the welcome folks. By the way, I can be found on variety of other forums as well as IRC. Anyone have a good maker’s irc channel to recommend?

Funny enough, this $10 radio looks to have all the coponents i’m looking for save the battery and solar cells.