Just interesting looking effect )) It is old video,

(варешяф рйезот) #1

Just interesting looking effect )) It is old video, but may be somebody do not have seen it.

Sorry for pore English,

(Marc Miller) #2

Did you post this to the wrong group?
Nothing to do with FastLED, although it is a similar effect you can see in a Fibonacci spiral.

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I’m sorry if somebody is ugly for this post.
You are right - its like Fibonacci. I’m interested of Fibonacci project of Jason Coon.
When I try to explain how he calcs arrays, I read many books about phyllotaxis.
In Fibonacci principle - there are a lot of interesting things, some of them Jason are realized.
I post this video thinking, may be someone would wonder this looks and use something like this in code. )) Sorry for offtopic.
If somebody want to read about FIbonacci math - he can look to my cloud folder with some articles and books, that I found in Internet. There are English and Russian materials.
Sorry for pore English.

(Marc Miller) #4

Hope you get some LEDs lighting up in these interesting patterns. :slight_smile:

(варешяф рйезот) #5

@marmil thanks, I’m trying, but my coding skills is very-very bad (
If it is interesting - this is my version of Jason Fibonacci project with 200 leds.
I work more on it, now it is undone

All I did - just understand how Jason calculating arrays. And this helps me to make larger matrix. It work on ESP8266, with working WiFi (for vars manipulating) on 200 leds ESP gives 100-120 FPS. Not bad )

And I want to add one more link ) It is not directly about FastLED, but I think it may be also interesting for somebody.


It is simple and maximal quick data manipulation algorithms. FastLED is very quick library, and may be this link helps fore somebody to realize something interesting.
For me - It is very hard to understand and use this tricks. But may be someone find them useful.