Just in. Thanks Ryan Carlyle for all the hard work.

(James Armstrong) #1

Just in. Thanks @Ryan_Carlyle for all the hard work.

(Ryan Carlyle) #2

Hell yeah!

(Kurt Wendt) #3

@Ryan_Carlyle Right On!!! As for James - it’s good to see you pop-up again in the 3DP world! You’ve been rather silent in the 2 forums I am on. Heck - almost as silent as JetGuy! By the way - the pic you posted - it almost looks like a CG render instead of a Photo - but, am assuming it IS an actual photo!

(James Armstrong) #4

@Kurt_Wendt yes. I haven’t lurked on the google forums in some time. Just taking it easy trying some other stuff. Mainly check the FB groups and mosaic FB group.

(Kurt Wendt) #5

@James_Armstrong Understood! And - can you Confirm or Deny is JetGuy is still Alive??

(david merten) #6

Oh I can’t wait till mine comes!

(Miguel Sánchez) #7

@Ryan_Carlyle Getting it to Europe costs almost as much in shipping as the book itself, and that is before Customs. And getting two copies just doubles the shipping …

(Ryan Carlyle) #8

@Miguel_Sanchez yeah, European shipping is hard to do cost-effectively. There will eventually be some kind of e-book option for people who don’t want to ship outside the US. I’ll ask about shipping cost for two copies.

(Miguel Sánchez) #9

@Ryan_Carlyle Exactly what I was asking your publisher right now. For European customers not only shipping but also customs make the book expensive. Two copies was slightly cheaper. I think I will wait till the Kindle version (or any other ebook format) becomes available.

(david merten) #10

WooHoo it’s here at last! @Ryan_Carlyle Just skimmed through it and really looks good!! Makes me want your whole series come to life!

(Michael K Johnson) #11

Pointing out where to buy this:

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