Just in case someone needs a 3d model of the E3D v6 Hotend...

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #1

Just in case someone needs a 3d model of the E3D v6 Hotend… you can grab the 1,75mm universal version in a not so detailled version at GrabCAD. Just did a quick drawing this morning as i need it for some mount construction work.

File currently only available in F3D format (Fusion360) and it’s also in their gallery including some more renderings here https://fusion360.autodesk.com/projects/e3d-v6-hotend-1-75mm-universal. You can of course use Fusion360 to export to any format of your choice (it does quite a lot)

Dimensions should be fine but i’ve not yet modeled the fan mount and didn’t do screws, thermistor and heater.

(Mauro Manco) #2

please stl or obj? no want install other software only for convert it …

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #3

I’ve added STL and stp/igs. Have fun with it.

(Mauro Manco) #4


(Joe Spanier) #5

I was starting the same thing last night. Thanks for this. Now I dont have do the block and nozzle :slight_smile:

You can pull the fan shroud stl from e3d’s website.

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #6

already got the fan duct. unfortunately it’s STL only

(Joe Spanier) #7

can you assemble stl’s in fusion I’ve just started playing with it in the last week or so.

(Frank “Helmi” Helmschrott) #8

you can import them but you can’t do much with meshes.