Just had a random idea pop in my head for a suggestion for LaserWeb.

Just had a random idea pop in my head for a suggestion for LaserWeb.

Not sure how practicable this would be to implement, but would it be possible to create a CAM operation for Laser V-Carve, where it creates offset gcode around the original (on either side), offset by whatever the laser beam diameter is (or user chosen offset)?

Then, allow user to set a “width” field, which specifies how far out from the original gcode the V will spread (e.g. 2.5mm = 2.5mm on either side of the original, for total of 5mm).

So, for each offset line away from the original it will decrease in power from the max power level set for the original line down to 0% at the outer offset (so thus giving a stepped/V effect).

Also, an inverse V-carve feature where the original line is 0% power & offset lines work their way progressively higher (up to the max power level that is set in the operation)?

edit: I know technically we could use Laser Cut Inside & Laser Cut Outside with a bit of playing around, but was thinking a one click automated setup would be nice to play around with.

@Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ this can be done manually in LW4. You would need an operation for each offset. But also if you draw that in AI and adding a power and speed to each it would result in a similar result maybe

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Yeah that’s true. I know I can manually draw it & set each line in the SVG as a different colour then filter for power levels in LW. Just thought it would be handy to have it as a built in operation. Probably not so practical considering how often (or not) that it would be used by anyone though.

Dont get me wrong I like the idea, some cool effects change applied. LW4 it seems it’s easier as you.l dont need to apply color to the line, just re use the path. I will try this today

This is more or less the idea. One path with 5 operations. It would be easier if I could copy the operation

I think LW4 will allow us to do it nice & easy with the filter line/filter fill options. Honestly, I haven’t even used my laser in a few months, so have yet to actually try LW4 features live on the machine.