Just got the call for my glass order.

Just got the call for my glass order. 420mm x 430mm 3/16" Pyrex sheet is ready for pickup. Damn that was expensive. But AWESOME!

How much was it. I used to swear by boro. But after using window glass for 6months I am wondering if the juice is worth the squeeze.


Ouch and awesome all at the same time. If you get a second one try these guys: http://www.voxelfactory.com/products/custom-cut-borosilicate-glass

@Eclsnowman @Daniel_Salinas VoxelFactory shipped mine quick and cut to size.

It’s only for printing on… why spend $127 when you could have spent $10 on a mirror tile?

I would rather spend the money where it’s useful - like on some BondTech extruders.

Yeah heat of the moment basically. If I need another piece I’ll shop around. Basically I was just happy to find a local glass source that knew what boro glass was.

Also I’ll submit a PR to herculien repo with a link to voxel listed in the BOM

For now I’m going with “only the best for my baby!” Excuse. Even if it isn’t truthful.

@Daniel_Salinas sounds good.