Just got featured by Autodesk.

Just got featured by Autodesk.

The front plate looks kind of thick.

It’s all 4.2mm thick acrylic. It has to let LED light through the front panel as you can see in the video.

I spotted that on there last night. Congrats!


Are the sockets thick enough to fit through a 4.2mm plate? Why not an engraved 0.5mm or 1mm front panel like everyone else?
I can’t see any video. Just some images.

Well, the thought was you need a decent enough thickness in the acrylic to diffuse the LED light. I also do end up with only about 2mm thickness in parts where I had to inlay the LEDs and where the front panel has a slot for the main acrylic board. It’s easier to mill acrylic than aluminum and i needed the light to pass through. So it just seemed to be the best option. The video link is in the description in the Autodesk gallery.

There is YouTube link but it doesn*t work.
It gives me a number of suggestions what it thinks I may have looked for.
The first suggestion however seems to be what you are referring to.


That’s awesome!