Just got a bunxh of prototypes from # allpcb.com Looks fine on first look

(Este ban S) #1

Just got a bunxh of prototypes from #http://allpcb.com
Looks fine on first look but will get populatet on thuesday i live in Germany and the pcbs were manufactured and send faster from China than the components from Frankfurt(Germany) so big plus on allpcb.

edith rememders: This is a 4layer pcb for my printerboard with 6x tmc2130 https://github.com/workheart/Ramps-1.6x

(MidnightVisions) #2

Several pads don’t look properly plated. Let us know if they soldered properly. You can always apply liquid tin to those pads first to solve that.

(Este ban S) #3

@MidnightVisions still waiting on the components, but how do you see that, some of the bigger pads do have to much solder on it, so that does not look good., also gold fingers do look better ^^. no i dont think is is a prob. solder paste is magig stuff anyway

(MidnightVisions) #4

I can see it because the pads don’t look like they received any tin / solder plating. Too much plating is not an issue, but still having bare copper means the plating process is faulty.

(Este ban S) #5

Thats due to light or your display. The pads have solder thinning. But i see in the past picture my red shird seems to reflect so it looks like copper … but thanks for the critical eye i will check the rest of the boards

(Bequet Jutt) #6

follow guy