Just getting an R7 with X-Controller set up.

(Josh Greene) #1

Just getting an R7 with X-Controller set up. Any general advice on this configuration is welcome, but I have some specific questions I need help with.

First up is the potentiometer settings. The X-Controller came with default of 2.4 for the Nema 17 motors. For the R7 Nema 23s I have tested all the way up to the max of 4.0 without the “thermal shutdown” Inventables warns about. At 3.6 I thought the motors sounded like they were being sent too much current so I settled on 2.8, one setting above the defaults…but think I may need to boost that some given the other problems I’m having with the motors stalling out. i.e. - When trying anything upwards of 3000 mm/min one of the Y motors will stall sending the gantry out of square(sometimes even just jogging it around). I know, slow down, but any even at that speed my surfacing bit burns MDF even at a .025" doc, 12k rpm.

(Colin Kaminski) #2

I would not run faster than 1200mm/min. If you really want to push that fast it is critical to have the Y-axis drive screws tensioned perfectly. This is really difficult but possible. I run my laser that fast but my router is maxed at 1200mm/min.