Just finished the first trigger pad:

Just finished the first trigger pad: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:94741
My printed e-drums are taking shape!

hows its feel like? dynamics? soft touches? rim shots?

it acts pretty much like a commercial trigger pad with meshhead. So dynamics and feel are really good! Because it is mono, rimshots are not possible yet. But the isolation between rim and the mesh sensor is very effective, so it should be easy to add this functionality in future updates…

o plz make a bass trigger !

I already started making one:) you can download the current version from my git repository: https://github.com/Piesi/pE-Drums
The file is called “pE-Drums-kick-trigger”
look at the pictures in the docs folder to get an idea how it works. With the current design the pedal has to be mounted on a plate to keep it from moving. I haven´t tested it enough to tell how good it works already…

i have yet to finish my printer :smiley: … i just like drums :smiley:

ah, good luck with your printer, this mashine changed my life;)

which kit did you buy?

A Prusa Mendel i2, but I would choose the i3 version now. the Tantilus is very tempting too, but quite small…