Just finished testing my DIY TinyG hardware Rev 1.

Just finished testing my DIY TinyG hardware Rev 1. Besides a maybe not optimized configuration i just verified that my 3 axis Shapeoko moves correctly.

Very cool. This is essentially a brain only running the xmega chip for off board drivers? Got source files you can share?


This is pretty exciting. Got any videos of it running?

Exactly, just the brain without stepper drivers as i use external ones for my setup and have no need for integrated ones on my PCB.
I built the schematics based on the latest TinyG schematics V8H. Note: I only tested V1 . V2 is still in development. You can try it for yourself. Should work out of the box.
@raykholo , @Quoc_Anh_Le : See my blog for sources:

@jlauer : Not right now… But you ain’t see much. It’s just sitting there waiting for work… No LEDs on V1 either :wink:

Known Bugs in V1:

  • No output LEDs (fixed in V2)
  • RX and TX needs to be switched on JP2. Fixed in V2
  • Don’t populate the LM7812 regulator unless you drive the board with at least 14.5V
  • You can drive the PCB via USB by connecting the +5V from from JP6 to Plus on the +24 power supply connector (fixed in V2 via supply selection via jumper)