Just finished printing my first successful tricopter frame.

(Griffin Paquette) #1

Just finished printing my first successful tricopter frame. I have never been able to print the frame flat on the cube because even with a raft it would curl. I printed it vertically and it worked ok.

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In still not impressed with the cube but it isnt mine and is all i have available right now. So beggers cant be choosers.

(Alex Wiebe) #2

What don’t you like about it? The DIY community has given it a rough ride for proprietary/lock-in filament cartridges, but other than that I have not heard much about its print quality, speed, ease of use, etc.

(Griffin Paquette) #3

The ease of use is great if you need something quick and simple.

It definitely serves its niche as a super simple and easy to use 3d printer, which I feel is necessary.

Heres some things i dont like:

  1. Software is simple but very very limited. You cant change infill to a percent. There is only solid,partial, (dont know what percent it is), and hollow.

  2. My printer has orientation issues. Sometimes even if i change the orientation in the software the printer still prints it the way it wants.

  3. Not a huge fan of the supports. Supports dont come off very clean.

  4. Settings cant be changed to make prints better. I get some z-banding and cant do anything about it.

I do love that i could just pull it out of the box and it will print within 15 minutes.

(Michael Wilson) #4

Regardless, I am jealous I don’t even have a friend who can show me one of these bad boys in person.

(Griffin Paquette) #5

Haha yes fortunately the price is really coming down. I am about to start making a reprap smartrap. My budget (not including filament) is $200 USD. Ill post the parts list and build log here as well as on the reprap forum.

(Michael Wilson) #6

Sounds like you have a lot more tech smarts then I could dream of. Right on!