Just finished my first project using FastLED! It's a set of LED "suspenders" (actually,

(John Hendy) #1

Just finished my first project using FastLED! It’s a set of LED “suspenders” (actually, 8 of them) I created to spice the wedding reception for the groomsmen of one of my best friends. Here’s a blog post with some pics and videos:

This was a more advanced version of my original, single color LED version here:

Super fun, and I will definitely be making a version with more lights/features down the road. The library is so fun and powerful (though definitely takes a lot to wrap my head around it) that I find myself constantly wondering what other animations I could create. While I’ve been pretty inactive in this community from a posting standpoint, I want to extend my thanks for the loads of animation examples I studied to get a start on using the library. I’ve definitely been stalking posts/code in the background, so thanks!

(Jason Coon) #2

Great project, looks fantastic, thanks for sharing!