Just finished my first printer, a RepRapPro Mendel.  Very excited about the whole thing.

Just finished my first printer, a RepRapPro Mendel.

Very excited about the whole thing. I came in with close to 0 experience, and from the very first print I attempted, it was working well! Wasn’t expecting that much success. Other than playing with someone else’s Replicator 2 on a few occasions (maybe an hour’s worth of fiddling), I’d never done anything like this before.

Still a few kinks to work out, especially with the slicing software (my picture of the stretch braclet should show I’m having some problems there), but I’m very pleased.

Just thought I’d share the experience and the few pictures I remembered to take during the build. There was only one print, successful on the first try, before the two pictured at the end of the album - a replacement tongue clamp for holding my bowden tube in place since I lost mine partway through the build (had to hold it in place with wooden dowels while the replacement tongue printed).

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How long da it take do build it??

A bit over a week. I broke one of the thermsistors unpackaging it and had to order a replacement.

what is the purpose for all of the nuts on the top supports rods?

The RRP Mendel will eventually have a extruder / hot end upgrade available. The nuts up top will be for supporting additional extruders (2 more for 3-material) . It’s the reason I chose this machine.