Just finished building my outer frame thanks to the extrusions  Paul Sieradzki  sold me. 

Just finished building my outer frame thanks to the extrusions @Paul_Sieradzki sold me.

I am going to build a scaled up herculien, aiming for a 600x600x700mm print area. Now that i have outer frame built I can start on the inner frame reinforcements and getting my motion components purchased!

This makes me very happy. Looking good, Ryan!

That is freaking huge! I can’t imagine the time it’ll take to complete a print

I am planning on using a 24v e3d volcano with either the 1mm or 1.2mm nozzle for the main extruder. so hopefully print times will be able to stay somewhat reasonable. If i decide to setup the 2nd extruder then i will use the .6mm so i can still do higher detail when needed.

@Ryan_Jennings ​ get’er done! Is this going to be your show piece for MRRF?


How do you plan to offset the difference in nozzle legth for the dual extruder

@Derek_Schuetz that wouldn’t be too difficult. A little bit of moding on the solidworks files could handle that.


@Mike_Miller maker reprap fest. Goshen Indiana. It’s coming up.

I really need to get solid works…

Yea I hope to get this thing done to take to the mrrf this year. @Isaac_Arciaga

@Ashley_Webster ​ for motion on x and y I will use rails pretty much like the herculien. Z I am still debating on rod or v rail as my motion guide. But looking at 12mm leadscrews

@Derek_Schuetz ​ as for dual I would try to use a e3d volcano on bothhotend for same length. Just different nozzle in each. But Eric is right it would not be difficult to do the offset in the printed part instead

Oh I can’t wait to see this in action.