Just curious but I think I might know the answer:

(Adam Steinmark) #1

Just curious but I think I might know the answer: Prusa i3 vs Kossel

(Anton Fosselius) #2

My first printer was a sumpod alu, very solid and worked fine as a cnc machine as well. Needed a lot of love to work…

(Adam Steinmark) #3

Those who picked the i3: how biased was your vote? Have you used a delta before?

I’m not trying to accuse anyone of anything I’m just wondering how many votes are just people who only own Cartesian printers. I’m only asking those who voted for the Prusa because its clearly the winner

(Mike Miller) #4

I spent 8 months trying to get my delta tuned, my Cartesian was printing perfect from the second attempt.

(Pavel Omelchenko) #5

Прюша был проще и в калибровке. Для начинающего он самый лучший вариант. Коссель хочу собрать, но на самом деле разрываюсь в выборе между corexy и kossel

(John-Paul Hopman) #6

My first (and so far only printer) was a Rostock Mini. Easy to put together but a PITA to calibrate which is why I would recommend a Cartesian for a first printer.

(Mike Miller) #7

I’d also add that the Printrbot product line is well regarded, available in kit form, and hard to beat from an economics standpoint.

(Adam Steinmark) #8

@Mike_Miller ​ already have a Printrbot Simple Metal with Heated Bed

(Adam Steinmark) #9

+John-Paul Hopman @Mike_Miller ​​​ was it difficult to calibrate because of dead zones?

(John-Paul Hopman) #10

I think it was mainly more difficult from the perspective of a first time user. Trying to get the bed flat and such.

If you are looking for a second printer though, I would definitely recommend the kossel though, but with a duet control board.

(Mike Miller) #11

@Adam_Steinmark In my case, it was getting the geometry right, getting the max distance dialed in correctly, and the traxxas ball joints caused bucking. Lastly, the hobbed bolt extruder had major issues with stripping PLA and failing prints.

(Andrew Wade) #12

Why not take a look at Spatial One a delta printer kit of metal construction due to launch on kickstarter soon. Its available open source from http://www.andornot.co.uk or https://www.youmagine.com/designs/spatial-one-3d-delta-printer

(Adam Steinmark) #13

@Andrew_Wade ​ I want something more open source