Just curious and not sure if this has been asked before....but....is there an archive

Just curious and not sure if this has been asked before…but…is there an archive of patterns anywhere for FastLED, ie simple cut and paste loops that can just be dropped in?

At one time someone made a small repo of them but the site went down. I’m not sure of the address but I think I have a copy of all the files I can send to you later. They are written for lpd8860 but could easily work with other fastled supported lights.

Ooooooh that would be cool thanks, I’m using LPD8806, thanks Larry :slight_smile:

You probably already know about Funkboxing’s collection, but I am sharing it with you just incase you dont. I have been exploring it lots lately with great success. It is kinda copy/paste…BUT… it does force you to understand how things work. You have to understand how the FX functions are called and how they all work together. It is very interesting to see how he setup lots and lots of different FX patterns all being controlled by one set of FX Parameter faders.
The main blog post is here…

The Arduino file is here…

By the way, I am just wondering why you are using LPD8806 instead of WS2811/WS2812 for your stage applications. Are you doing POV? Do you notice that the LPD8806 comes across better for HD video filming? Is it cheaper? Just wondering. Thanks!

@Steve_French lpd8860’s are brighter and run off a lower voltage then ws2812…

Brightness has to do with the LED, not the driver. But they do work with a lower voltage, are much MUCH faster than any WS28x. As for cost, I haven’t bought a WS in a long while so I don’t know.

The lpd8806 seems to hold its colour better at the higher brightness levels I need for the lighting, which does strike me as odd as I’d have thought the led side would be the same, however after trying it that was the results lol,

Also, in a side-by-side comparison, constant current operation, the LPD8806 outputs 18mA whereas the WS28x does 20mA. Less current, more battery life.

@James_DeVito of Anamanaguchi (and LED awesomeness king) seems to use the LPD8806 leds. http://vimeo.com/72751649

Even if they are brighter than the WS2812b, I’m sticking with the high density 144 leds/m strips. I don’t think the LDP8806 come in that density.

Unless your a badass like @Ashley_M_Kirchner_No and make your own high density strips.

Certainly! My hat’s off to @Ashley_M_Kirchner_No

Not that I mind the accolades, but in an effort to promote what I do, anyone can do this. Sure it takes a certain amount of perseverance, teaching yourself how, live with failure every so often, but ultimately anyone can achieve what I have been doing. And as @Larry1 can attest, if you need help in figuring out or learning the same things I’m doing, just ask me.

Totally agree with you Ashley, some of the people I work with(and my long suffering family) have seen me with the living room full of led strips swearing profusely at the computer, so far though I have always got there in the end either by just trying it or asking around forums/groups, all being well I’ll have a controller that has artnet built in, default patterns, lan connectivity, changeable ip at runtime for less than £25, in my industry, that’s a big deal :slight_smile:

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No has been beyond helpful. I honestly can’t thank him enough for allowing me to bug him :slight_smile: I don’t know if I would be remotely close to finishing any of my projects without his help.

I actually started a wiki for patterns. I don’t have a lot on there right now, other than a neat, fast plasma effect for an RGB matrix.


I did have to wipe and restart it due to spam, though. I was also thinking of encapsulating the Funkboxing code, and breaking it into separate code chunks for easier cut/paste, but I haven’t asked him for permission yet.

@Jason_Podmore check out http://funkboxing.com/wordpress/?p=2073 Hes got a whole ton of basic patterns. Ive adapted these for LPD8806 pretty easily.