Just bought this one at $85.00 from amazon with this code from vipon.

Just bought this one at $85.00 from amazon with this code from vipon.


Code will not work for me :frowning:

Go to http://vipon.com use the search for laser tube and request a new code


Oh my! I wanna video tutorial of replacement process :slight_smile:

Nice! I ordered mine. Will put in safekeeping as a spare.

Never received email confirmation from vipon :frowning: when I created my account.

@Ray_Rivera Keep in mind that a laser tube has a shelf life. Even if the tube is not being used, the lifespan is ticking away. Cheap tubes are usually good for about 18 months of storage, a high quality CO2 tube may get you 3-4 years of shelf life.

Thanks Anthony. With the current burn rate I am doing right now it won’t be on the shelf more than a few months. Been going through a lot of power on time trying to get the flex hinges just right.

Received and onboxed just o inspect, man this thing was well packed. Box in a box. Tube was wrapped in bubble wrap and then packed in styrofoam before being placed in the other boxes.

Nice to hear @Ray_Rivera ​ so I got a chance to receive this intact :slight_smile:

Go mine today. Seems it survived



I just bought the 60W (55mm diameter X 1000mm length , so really a true 50W tube) for $144. Great deal, now I need to decide what machine gets it, will probably build one from scratch to use this tube.

Wow, got mine just in time, they are all gone at the 50% off price. Literally minutes after I ordered they were all gone. :slight_smile: