Just assembled my X-Carve, thought I'd give Chillipeppr a spin.

(Eric Pavey) #1

Just assembled my X-Carve, thought I’d give Chillipeppr a spin. Can cut just fine from Easel, but I get this from Chilipeppr:

“You must connect to your GRBL device using the GRBL buffer algorithm in this workspace. Connecting to any other buffer (default, tinyg, etc) will cause unpredictable behavior.”

However, I can find no configuration options anywhere to make this ‘connection’. Am I missing something right in front of me?

I’m on OSX 10.10.5, using Chrome.

(Eric Pavey) #2

I’ll answer my own question: The json server stuff had gotten pushed off the bottom of the screen by the webcam widget. I got that installed, and am now in business!

(Frank Graffagnino) #3

yeah, i think it is easy for folks to not realize they have to scroll that widget down to see the box to type in a hostname to connect to.

(Kevin Hauser) #4

Clearly we all need much bigger screens!

(Douglas Drake) #5

I’m having the same problem but my server is connected and so is the device . i have also selected the proper baud rate of 115k. but to my dismay the grbl still does not connect. at this point i am lost in what to do.

any help would be appreciated