Just asking.. Whoud there be any interest in a second hand K40.

(Imko Beckhoven van) #1

Just asking… Whoud there be any interest in a second hand K40. Kitted out with dsp, adjustable bed, stepperdrivers ect…

Never got to it to finish fitting the replacement tube. Just cant find the time… (Proud dad of one 3 year old and twins of one year… You get the picture)


(Mark Clausen) #2

I’d be interested… I’m in the market for an hobbyist-grade machine and have been looking at these on eBay. I’m new to google+, so don’t know if there’s a way to PM for more details.

(Imko Beckhoven van) #3

@Mark_Clausen this is what i did to the stock K40 http://imkovb.blogspot.nl/2013/11/laser-overhauling.html so to be faire its a hacked maschine. Let me know if this is what youre looking for.

(Mark Clausen) #4

I assumed I’d need to perform upgrades to make it more usable. Judging from the apparent quality of your other builds, I’m fairly confident your mods were done well. The downside is that I wouldn’t have the fun of doing it myself… :confused:. Is there a way to discuss more offline? Items such as cost, location (for shipping), approximate hours on the tube, etc.?

(Imko Beckhoven van) #5

@Mark_Clausen pm send

(Anthony Coafield) #6

Just wanted to say that it does get better. I didn’t have twins, but had 3 boys in 3 years, youngest is now a bit over 2 and I may soon have some semblance of a life outside the kids!

(Jose A. S) #7

Whats the price?

(Imko Beckhoven van) #8

I am looking for 50% of the New value of the unit + upgrades. So around 500$ plus shipping

Just so you know, the DSP upgrade alone (new) is more as 500$ But although the tube is new its not connected!


(Jose A. S) #9

What is your current location?

(Imko Beckhoven van) #10

The netherlands near eindhoven

(Jose A. S) #11

That’s a shame!..I am in the states :frowning:

(Scott Howard) #12

have you sold it?

(Imko Beckhoven van) #13

@Scott_Howard no

(Scott Howard) #14

How much would it be to send to usa?

(Imko Beckhoven van) #15

@Scott_Howard ill have to look into the exact number but is big and heavy so my guess is not so cheap… Do you want me to figure out a more ecxact number?

(Jose A. S) #16

I am interested to know the shipping to US.