Just an update on the build.

Just an update on the build.

I love the lack of printed parts on this

I just noticed you are using linear rod bearings on the side. I think you will have issues there. Those shafts rotate, and those bearing can’t handle both translation and rotation.

I do not own a 3D printer . But I can replace some parts with printed parts when its build.

on the linear bearings . I 've thought about it too. If it will be a problem i’m going to replace them with bushings. They is correct also less noisy

btw this is my first build so It will not be perfect the first time. or second :slight_smile:

thanks for your input

@E_Wadsager experimentation is the majority of the fun in this hobby (for me anyway). My first printer took a lot of tweaking too :wink:

steampunk :smiley:

So beautiful, i love it