Just a quick question on something my wife has been pondering:

Just a quick question on something my wife has been pondering:
Has anyone ever looked at the possibilities for LaserWeb in combination with mainstream home plotters like the Brother Scan’n’Cut; Silhouette Cameo, Portrait and Curio; etc.?

Wow, I didn’t notice that the drag knife feature was not implemented in LW4. I’m curious is it on the cards? Or scrapped for now?

+Peter van der Walt That’s fair enough I suppose. Best to concentrate the work on things that will get used more often.

I’m thinking of axing the experimental 4th axis support. People’s interest in it went from deafening to total silence when I asked for testers. That code’s probably rotted since then.

I’m still waiting for my machine, but 4th axis is an essential feature for me, and I was very happy when it was implemented in LW3… I’d test it if I had the hardware, but I can’t until I have my FABkit (looks at @Bonne Wilce) and found and built a suitable rotation unit! for it…


Sheesh… And all I did was ask after home-use plotters like the Silhouette and Brother models!.. :o

Don’t axe the 4th axis :open_mouth: need that for rotary and automatic pass through #inthepipeline :wink:

That feels like a call out haha. I can rig a quick rotatry together if you need testers @Todd_Fleming . I haven’t been monitoring testing needs like I was for a few months.

+Peter van der Walt I’m Dutch… Takes a lot to weird me out! :stuck_out_tongue: