Just a question, that I could post to the arduino but I feel this

Just a question, that I could post to the arduino but I feel this group is a little more intimate with the topic.

Showed off my dog collar today at the club meeting/show. Big hit. They want me to move to the next level, I am, by making a custom breadboard with a pro-mini daughter boarded in to this custom board.

Right now, when powering on, as you know the bootloader delays the sketch running by about 8 seconds. I know if I program the board through ISP, stripping the bootloader, boot will be almost instantaneous.

What I’m curious though is what is the downside when I want to modify the board later?

Honestly, things like this are among the many reasons I’ve left the pro mini behind. I’m either using the teensy3.1 as a base for projects or if I’m sticking with avr , then something 32u4 based like the beetle or such.

I feel the Teensy boots pretty quick. And it’s essentially the same size as the pro-mini. But faster. And has more memory. http://www.pjrc.com/

Curious, do you need to be able to start your collar show immediately on some que? If so maybe you could add a button to your setup. Then you can power up the collar a few minutes before hand and have it just idling/waiting to execute the show immediately on button press. It does add a small level of complexity though.

Yeah, Teensy is the way to go. The plus side of the teensy is, it just works. I’ve wasted so much time in the past with the Mega and the Leonardo, with getting obscure messages from avrdude, or GCC telling me I don’t have enough memory etc that price for price, Teensy is the winner.

No for me, it just like getting these pro-minis for just a bit over two dollars each, a very nice price.

I’m not sure if the teensey costs more, bit ive already got enough pro-minus for the first round I want to make.

Regarding the start up time it’s not a problem, it’s just that i’d like it to be faster than 8 seconds.

I just want to be able to go back in 6 months from now and upload another program, and I just want to know what I was up against next time

So, to my original question, if I use an ISP to load first sketch, what’s involved in uploading a different Sheth later?

Use the ISP again. Or, if you want to restore the bootloader, you can use the Arduino Software’s “burn bootloader” feature (which uses the ISP to write the bootloader back onto the chip)