Just a polite question Daniel Garcia :  Is there beside all the jobs you

Just a polite question @Daniel_Garcia : Is there beside all the jobs you already have any plan to publish (or give pre alpha access to) the camera mapping modules? Best regards, S.

P.S. Your 3 sisters installation - did you describe the mapping mathematically or did a camera assist you?

There is, right now it’s a pretty ugly processing sketch that needs to be manually edited in about a half dozen places, as well as an arduino sketch the needs to be edited in multiple places in order for it to be usable.

I used a camera for it (in part because it was important to get the spacing between the discs and the top light bar right for me).

That sounds fine to me. Is there any access possible? I found out that it’s easy to describe several circles with the same center but with mutiple (overlapping) discs it’s difficult to find the right spacing inbetween. So the same issue like yours with the bar.
P.S. I promise to don’t bother you with questions about details… :wink:

shoot me an email (my full name here @http://gmail.com) and i’ll send you the sketches and a couple of rough notes on it.