Just a phase pic @ 13.1.2013

Just a phase pic @ 13.1.2013

That’s your DF03ra, right?

Looks good. Using Solid Works?

Yes and yes. That´s the DF03Ra and using SolidWorks. I´m trying to get the model ready during this or next month and after that start to design the own model

3D-model of the chassis is almost ready. I posted some pics on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcinen/8412606207/

Next phase is to make a body 3D-model and print it (old Saab 96). And after that designing of an own RC-car and also looking into live wireless video streaming to be used on cars and flying things…

Wow, congratulations to a job well done! I’m really looking forward to seeing the body!!

Thanks Daniel,
Modeling a body is totally new for me so it can take a while. I have 0 experience of surface modeling so I´ll try to do it using solids…just a pile of lofts I think :smiley: It will be a try & fail -project…

@Jori_Makinen I started modeling a body but gave up, it’s just not my thing… It’s great that your modeling a Saab, it’s different.

That I can promise that the body will be different, but can you recognize it is Saab, might require some imagination…we will see how it comes out :smiley: