Just a little printer bling added to HercuLien.

Just a little printer bling added to HercuLien.

Looks soooo good man! Are you back to two nozzles?

@Brandon_Satterfield don’t tell anyone… but the black center is sharpie :slight_smile:

I was going to do a filament change half way up, but fell asleep at my desk last night.

@Eclsnowman haha, still nice result!

@Sebastien_Plante it took me too long to do too. Eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, and hands not as steady as they were back in high school art class :wink:

@Eclsnowman ​ that’s why we program computer to do it for us :smiley:

@Eclsnowman ive never fallen asleep at my desk before. Lol nope. Not once.

You want to sell those as keychain fobs, @Eclsnowman :slight_smile:

Nice! Which font is that?

@Isaac_Arciaga I will look when I get back to my desk.

@Isaac_Arciaga The font is “Magneto”, but I used Solidworks text tool to make the font taller than normal and tighten the letter spacing so they run together more. Then I exploded the font to lines, trimmed the letter cross over, and used the offset path tool to create an outline.