Just a little pic to show where my printer is at.

Just a little pic to show where my printer is at. Added space at the bottom for electronics and Z axis drive. I am liking the belt drive a lot better than the Spectra drive. Still trying to decide on hotends. May wait on the V6 E3D hotends.

Where are the files for those X/Y ends (because I’m moving to a belt system)

They are from the Eustathios. I modified the X and Y bearing holders so the shaft would go all the way through.

You need the X and Y bearing holders from the Eustathios for the belts to line up with the X/Y ends.

Saaay, that’s nice looking orange ABS! :smiley:

Yes it is. My printers always seem to end up multi-colored.

Sweet @Jason_Smith did you see this?

Yeah, it’s looking good! How are the belt tensioners working out? Are you using 10mm misumi pulleys, robotdigg, or a combination of both?

X/Y pulleys are all Robotdigg. Z pulleys will be combination of both Robotdigg and Misumi. Did you put flats on the 10mm rods for pulley set screws? If so how did you align the x/y ends?

No need to put flats, really. Shouldn’t be that much force on the pulleys.

Correct, I’ve had no issues despite not having flats on the shafts.

I was hoping flats were not needed. Would be a pain aligning the x/y ends.