Just a heads up, in the goal of keeping this community on-topic,

Just a heads up, in the goal of keeping this community on-topic, I’m going to start removing the 3d printed gun related posts unless there’s something new going on with the post. There are a lot of posts with rehashed information over and over and I’m sure a lot of people are tired of it. I’m not into censorship, but it’s time for people to move on…

Just a heads up for those of you who subscribe and regularly participate in the community. If something new happens with it, I’ll let those posts stay but until then, no more 3D printed gun news.

Agreed, and that goes for Dita von Teese’s dress too.

No Dita!? She’s hot!

It would be cool of the dress was made with PVA… And then it rained… :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally support this decision. No good things for 3d printing come from that gun being published. It spammed everything from the news world wide , to virtually every social medium I use. It is bad press and moving people who don’t understand 3d printing to get scared. That stands to make it harder for us to enjoy our hobby. (Im not anti gun, Im anti people doing dumb things and ruining my hobbies)

To be clear, the problem here is not the content, it’s the redundancy.

I agree, I guess Im making the point that it being up there soo many times , any one who get curious about it and decides to look into the community might get the impression that is all anyone here cares about given how many times it got posted.



Good decision

Went to a party last night with a bunch of local tech folks and entrepreneurs. I was asked about the gun thing at least five times. It’s so distracting. Proof of how much power the media has, and how irresponsible they are with using it.


Removing posts repeating the same information again and again (even if relayed by different ‘news’ sites) is perfectly ok, regardless of the information (Defcad’s Liberator, Dita’s dress, 3D printers at Staples, etc.). Just keep the posts providing additional material.

I’ve been so annoyed by questions and comments about 3D printed guns that I went ahead and wrote a blog post about it for my company’s website. http://acuitydesign.co/on-3d-printed-guns/