Just a heads up - I just did a major re-organization of file layout

Just a heads up - I just did a major re-organization of file layout on the FastLED3.1 branch. I did a build check for a handful of led/platform/environment combinations, but it’s possible that I missed some build combinations.

This is laying the ground work for adding two more platforms in the next couple of point releases (NRF51822 aka rfduino, and the STM32 for, among others, the SparkCore), as well as allowing building without Arduino environment. (The flat library folder layout was beginning to get a bit too unwieldy)

Hopefully it won’t break things for folks (and if it does - comment here with the combination of: Arduino version, LED chipset you are using, and platform you are targeting).

In the meantime, my plan is to OD on nyQuil in a hopefully not futile attempt to ward off a cold.

When you say without environment do you mean using a different IDE/ build system but still with the arduino code or no arduino code at all? I currently use eclipse and or Emacs/gradle to build as I find the arduino IDE awful.

Get well soon!

Now if only I could buy a Spark Core without having to pay $75 shipping for a single matchbox.

The people at Spark aren’t returning my messages…

I mean with no arduino code at all.

Awesome! Just avr-gcc and some sorta build system?

I have some plans to hook up FastLED to all three of those things! Thank you for all the hard work, sir.

EDIT: I’m going to post this under a new support tab as well as here.
I’m getting an error while running a MEGA 2560 with Neopixels. It looks like CRGB::Black isn’t black, it’s green. The same exact code compiled for a Micro, runs perfectly.