Jsonserver not function

Dear Guy,
we wrote to italy, we stay to reproduce an plotter pen with arduino, for our school, we follow the istruction on the web list. But we havw some problem to see the port from rduino in chilipeppr, arduino use GRBL.
We download and the istall the Json port serve but we can see it in Chrome…
Please can you hel us and our student???
Many thank in advance
Ciao Steve Musesti

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re doing to help all of us help you debug?

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Ok Here you can find the pictures!

Ok, so are you actually running the Serial Port JSON Server on your computer? Meaning, did you launch it from the command line? It should be running in the background and it hosts a websocket for the browser to connect to. If the JSON Server is running, you should try connecting to localhost then from Chrome.

Ok , maybe now it works, look at the photo, but I don’t know if you see my arduino 1. Thanks for your kindness and for your precious help!!!

I’m guessing your Grbl device is COM8, not COM1.