Josef Prusa , you make a helluva kit!

@Josef_Prusa , you make a helluva kit!

Ugh stop teasing! Need to get one of these!

Tears your fingers up pretty good. The coating on the allthread is chosen for a reason, and it’s good at what it does, but I’m pretty sure the guys at Prusa that assemble the fully built printers have fingers of steel.

I may need to replace one of the linear bearings on the y-axis (lost two of the ball bearings while assembling) and I broke a screw when assembling the computer houseing (which was a bit fiddle), but you can tell this is a kit with hundreds of little refinements, and all the mistakes I made were user error.

Did your kit come with the extra pei sheet?

:slight_smile: Mine (fully assembled) arrives on Monday!

Been using my mk2 for months, pei still looking good. Great printer.

Dude. Clean your house.

You know, I don’t think I did receive a second Pei sheet, I’ll have to double check.

@Shane_Reynolds1 cleaner than your profile photo?

Getting this soon, I will need the multi material upgrade too.

I’m on that list. Made the mistake of ordering both at the same time, which put them both out around Jan/feb. paid additional to have this shipped first.

I don’t think you get an extra sheet of PEI with the MK2’s. We have had the same ones on our lulzbots for quite a few hours and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear.

I have NEVER had a printer that could bridge like that. missing/deleted image from Google+

@Griffin_Paquette my expectations of a spare pei sheet was set while watching unboxings of the reviews of the units that Prusa had supplied to vloggers.

@Mike_Miller It’s the fan. I put a 30mm blower on my Printrbot and can achieve the same result. Only issue is that I have to turn it way down when printing anything but PLA.