Jonathan Buford , you are crazy.

@Jonathan_Buford , you are crazy. $200? I decided to see what else you could get for that, and the printrboard from printrbot is $129. Also, I did a quick search for reprap RP parts, and it looks like the going rate for a full Prusa i2 (ignoring i3 for now, because it has a big, expensive custom part that is not RP) RP parts set for about $70 (wow, I remember waiting for a set of Sells Mendel RP parts to drop below $1000). A set of MendelMax RP parts seems to go for a bit more. So basically, assuming the #Makibox turns out to be a usable printer capable of making reprap parts, you could buy it, use it to print a set of Mendel parts, pull the printrboard out to control the mendel and scrap the rest, and still break even compared to buying a printrboard + RP parts.

The Azteeg X1 for $70 + SD8825 for $46 = $116 (with shipping, probably less than getting 4x Pololu A4988 for $39.80, OTOH, Pololu has a price break at 5 units, so getting a fifth one as a spare costs negative five cents) is superior to the printrboard, but I wanted to compare apples to apples. Also, with the alternatives currently available, I STRONGLY recommend against building any of the A-frame mendel derivatives (including anything with “Mendel”, “Huxley” or “Prusa” in the name other than a Mendel90 or a Prusa i3), but I figured the i2 would still be the most fair comparison.

I’d be happy if that is the route things go. I wouldn’t offer that if we weren’t making money from it.

If you get the $200 Makibox, you’d have your Mendel parts printed in PLA, though – and I am given to understand that that is not a great material for RP parts on a reprap. The ABS capable one is $300 and of course there’s the shipping, which is significant.

As soon as I see people opening and building non-beta units is when I will be sending in my money :slight_smile:

Already sent in our money (for the hackerspace) - we mentioned doing Makibox-based classes sometime back in February, and people are still knocking down our doors, hunting us down individually asking when we’re going to do it. =D

Speaking of plunking down your cash…

I hate to jump you here @Jonathan_Buford but I tried the Makibox email & forum and received no response.

I placed an order for a Makibox about a day ago and my Paypal account was charged, but the website says that I haven’t placed any orders, and I never received a receipt.

I’m wondering if you can confirm that my order was placed and get me a receipt? I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’m really looking forward to checking out the Makibox, I’m asked daily what printer to buy and it seems like a great machine to get people into the tech if it turns out to meet expectations.


Right now, if you want to build a printer, it would cost at least 400$. Thats really the bare minimum (electronics, drivers, motors, hotend, some metal parts).

It’s almost at the point where people will buy a Makibox, just to get a package of parts for their own builds. Just think, you’ve got hot end, stepper motors, electronics, all the drivers, add a $20 PCB heat bed, some 8mm rod and linear bearings and you have a cheap set of parts…hell, I’d love that option!

I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile:

Why avoid the A-frame? Be gentle. I am a newbie and recently built a RRP huxley. Still trying to dial it in. I had grandiose plans of buying a small printer that would print a bigger one. Any recs on what it variant it should attempt to print?

A- frame printers waste a lot of height, they lack rigidity on the X axis and you’ll get “ringing” around corners. I swapped all the pieces from my Prusa Mendel to a Prusa i3 and went from a 200x200x90 build area, to a 200x200x200 build area, and I have much more rigidity (and thus increased speed attainable)…same linear rods, everything except frame/plastic.

Don’t mean to hijack the discussion, but I did a quick search on “ringing” on corners and can’t find anything. Can you please elaborate?

We are working on fixing the PayPal issue, you should see the order and receive confirmation soon.

@Jason_Gullickson it is the weekend, customer support generally is a week day response. But you should see the order in your account soon on its own.

@Andre_Edwards Here’s a good photo that shows it in this post: – Not the tornado, but look at where the extruder corners on the vase; you see that little echoing wave after it turns the corner? That’s ringing, and caused by not enough stiffness on the axis. Not surprising, seeing as it’s a printrbot jr.

@ThantiK . Thanks.

Thanks @Jonathan_Buford , I’ll keep any eye out, can’t wait to hack on this thing! :slight_smile:

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