Jointers Mallet Foibles

I set out to make a jointers mallet yesterday. After receiving some Hard Maple and ash from Ocooch Hardwoods, I was finally ready to get started. The head of the mallet is a sandwich of three 3/4in pieces of Hard Maple with a rounded end and a flat end. That part turned out perfectly. I could do everything there with my table saw and sander.

Then came the tenon. I didn’t think about the fact that I couldn’t use my table saw to make the tenon in the Ash handle. Cutting the shoulders was easy enough on my table saw but I didn’t think about removing the offcuts from the tenon. So, I used my Ryoba saw. My cuts are pretty square and clean. But… I somehow managed to cut the tenon off center in one axis. It is centered in one axis and off center in another. I can post a photo later.

Is it ok for the tenon to be off center? The only reason that I ask is that I do not have enough Ash to make another handle and it is something that I had to order in, not available locally (in that size anyway).

Not sure I fully visualize the problem but:

If this means that the handle when installed will be slightly off center I wouldn’t worry much.


Cut the good side of the tenon so that it is symmetrical around center. Use this space on both sides for wedges when you install the handle.


You can glue pieces back on the off center tenon cheek and recut!

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Relatively centered on this view but not center when rotated 90°.


And here is the finished product (gonna take a while to dry since it is raw linseed oil).

Hard Maple mallet head with Ash handle, wedges made of Cherry. Bought the wood from my friends at Ocooch Hardwoods.


…is that as huge as it looks :)!
Nice work!


3inx3inx7in mallet head with an 11in handle

I think it can double as a shop defense tool. Now I have a laser and a bludgeon in the shop for protection.


I followed a plan that I found online. I didn’t realize it would be this big.


Here is the guide that I used for anyone that might be interested. I do not have a band saw so I cut the tenon, wedges and shaped the handle by hand.


I weighed the mallet this morning. It is 1lb 10oz (737g).


Beautiful work.