Joining red power wire to tube wire

I have a new tube. It came pre wired. I guess the negative would only need to be soldered and sealed. But how should I join the positive?.
I presume solder and plenty of insulation

  1. Slide the silicone tube that was previously around the anode connection over the HV about 6" from the end.
  2. Strip back and wrap the anode wire tightly around the anode post. (Soldering can damage the tube and really does not improve the HV connection that much).
  3. Put a blob of silicon on the post and wire. [There is a white compound that came with the K40 [** ] or you can use [**]
  4. Slide the silicon tube back down around the anode post and silicon and snug against the tube. Fill any gaps in the tube with silicon. Let the silicon dry for 24 hrs.

Look at the connecting/disconnecting part of this post:

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Hi Don. This one came with the leads already attached. So soldering is about 12 inches away from the tube. Would this be okay?

Two choices:

  1. DIY splice
    -Slide a piece of non-conductive tubing over the bitter end of the wire. It should extend at least 1 inches on either side of the joint. Silicon tubing is the best but regular clear plastic tubing will also work.
    -Strip the ends of the two wires and connect them together with a hook-like joint.
    -Solder the joint with a “ball joint”. You want the solder to “blob” eliminating any sharp transitions. If done right the joint looks like you used way to much solder.
    -Blob silicon on the joint and up the wire for about 1". You want enough so that as you slide the tubing down the wire it fills with silicon.
    -Slide the tubing down over the silicon and then add more silicon into the tube to fill any gaps.

  2. Install this connector. ** if you solder connections use the same “blob” technique on the joints. Silicon on the interface between the connector housing and the wire is a good idea.

If possible route this splice away from the frame by 1-2".


Need to get this done tonight so no. 1 it is. Thanks Don. Appreciate your help.

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Ok, let me know how it goes…

By the way, you can get the silicon at wallmart or other big box stores.

Just to update and to say that the laser is working great. Thanks for all your help.


@motoxy great …
Can you post pictures of your connections so that others can benefit … your question and this problem are relatively common.

Can I see how yours turned out? I have exactly the same issue and want to make sure I do it safely.