Join us at MakerForums Slack

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Ever want to have a quick conversation about MakerForums? I have set up ← click there to join us, and set your slack profile Display Name to your Maker Forums user name.

We’ll be adding more channels over time that are hooked up to categories here on Discourse.

That Slack is not archived. It’s for ephemeral conversation. If you have a substantial conversation, the /forum command can help you turn a conversation into a forum post here:

Post transcript: /forum post [n]
Create a draft topic on discourse containing the last n posts in this channel
Help: /forum help

That works only in channels connected to a category—and to start, only a few channels are created and hooked up yet.

The same site rules apply there and here! Content that’s not appropriate here is also not appropriate there. Be kind to each other. :slight_smile:

Slack has mobile applications for Android and iOS, and subscribing to channels you are interested in is one of several ways to be notified about new content here at MakerForums.

Welcome to Slack!

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