John Lauer  This is the one I was talking about.This time to do leveling

@jlauer This is the one I was talking about.This time to do leveling I had to go private browsing.But in that too if I want to do a second job I have too close the browser and open private window again s that I could get a fresh page.

That’s a really long video with no talking, but what I really needed to see were the Javascript errors in the Console tab and you never went there or showed them. You did at least open the Debug panel, but seeing the HTML DOM Elements doesn’t help. It’s the Console I would need to see.

Please keep in mind that if the 3D viewer controls don’t jump to the middle of the screen, but rather stay on the left side like in your video, it means the 3D viewer failed to actually load correctly and nothing else will work, especially the Auto-Leveller. When I see you using the incognito window your 3D viewer controls are correct and in the middle of the screen.

Why don’t you wipe all your local file settings and cookies for the domain. I think they could be messed up and why only you are seeing this problem and nobody else.