John Lauer the jog code in grbl 1.1 has changed.

@jlauer the jog code in grbl 1.1 has changed. what do you suggest as the best architectural solution for this given that jog commands are issued by the axis widget and the 3d interface?

at the moment @Luca_Nervetti and I have handled this by changing the xyz widget from the workspace. we could create a pubsub at the workspace level instead. what do you recommend?

for the moment I have overriden the 3d space in the workspace. i’m not convinced that is the best architectural response.

I think the only thing you should change is the XYZ widget, but you need to make it backward compatible to older versions. So it would seem you need to auto-detect firmware version and then switch jog modes in XYZ widget (or even better give user the choice in a pulldown, but auto-change the choice).

I don’t think 3d viewer would have to change as the only jogging it does is when you hold Ctrl key and click on a position, it just sends a G0 X Y position change, which isn’t jogging.

ah ok. I have done that then.